About the Artist: Kelly Moeykens is a Maine based artist most notable for her abstract wall sculptures and found paper works. Kelly’s work is most recognizable for their evocative texture, process, technique and materials used that transform into having a life of their own. Kelly currently lives and works in Midcoast Maine.

Statement: My works are driven by process, that it is only natural for me to be intrigued by the mediums I use. I am drawn to the tactile experience of it all; there is a physical aspect to interacting with the work that I want to convey with each piece. I want each individual to have a unique emotional response and my work to give rise to their own memories and connections.


2019 The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 7-10

2019 The Great Paper Show, Court Tree Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Sept. Sept. 13th - Oct. 11th

2019 Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Emerging Artists Exhibition, Cambridge, July 9 -26

2019 Market Art + Design with Contempop Gallery, NY, July 5 -7

2019 The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, May 2-8

2019 Superfine! Fair, Soho, NY May 1-8

2018 The Other Art Fair Brooklyn , NY

2018 Superfine! DC

2018 LIC Arts Summer Exhibition, NY

2018 'True Independence', Lucille Khornak Gallery, NY

2018 'Artists' Choice', River Arts Gallery Damariscotta

2017 'Best of Portland', Creative Portland